Tumeke 12's Session with Plant-to-Plate


Click on the link above to have a look at this great recount from our day working with Plant-to-Plate in the last week of Term 2.  We are always incredibly grateful for the time we get to spend with the amazing volunteers from Plant-to-Plate.  They teach us so many useful tips and skills in the garden and kitchen.


  1. What a great read!!! Looks like a fab day had by all (the weather even played ball for the gardening section of the day)! Lots of valuable skills learnt from these experiences - Ani made the baked spring rolls for us twice during the holidays 😋

  2. I love Plant to Plate! Your school gardens look so wonderful and productive.
    Well done. SO impressed. ~ Anna K

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  4. Has anyone done the garden activity of growing an Avacado stone yet?
    I grew one when I was in Intermediate - it ended up as a HUGE avacado tree the height of a house! No fruit though...does it need another avacado tree nearby to pollenate it or something like that? Unfortunately after we moved house when I was in High School, it was cut down to make way for a car park :( ~ Anna K