One way to continue to develop our wellbeing is to practice being grateful.
In the Senior Team we will be continuing to talk about what it means to be mindful and the opposite of this mindless.  This can be thought of when we realise that sometimes you can go onto 'auto-pilot' - doing jobs or driving places you have been or done LOTS of times without thinking about it at all.  We are learning about how sometimes we are having a conversation with someone without really listening to them - maybe we are thinking about something that has happened or something that is going to happen and we are going to try to develop habits and strategies that help us develop positive relationships and manage any stresses or issues that we may come to face.

By working on being more mindful, we can learn to notice how we feel, manage our feelings and also notice when others around us might need some care and consideration from us.

One main thing about becoming more mindful is that nothing we are currently doing is wrong - we are simply noticing our thoughts and how busy and stressed out we sometimes get and learning strategies that can help us manage this.

If you have any questions or comments about what we are doing, please come and see Mrs Wilson :)

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