We plan for each class to enjoy a super session - working with the wonderful team from Plant-to-Plate - in the school vege gardens and creating culinary masterpieces in the school hall/kitchen.  All students got to have a sit down meal at the end of their session.

The gardens are looking fantastic, they are really thriving with the warmth and rain we seem to get each time we plant.

As always, we'd love to hear if you try any of the recipes on here and particularly if they help your family become happier vege eaters!
If you (or anyone you know locally) would be interested in helping maintain the gardens or contributing kitchen scraps to the compost, please chat with one of the Senior Team teachers.

We have had a pleasure of working with lovely Rosemairi (one of the Plant-to-Plate gardening specialists!) during this year and this has allowed us to share many baskets of fresh produce with our school community.

Today, the 13th October, we had our first cooking and gardening session with the many magical volunteers.

Please check out the recipes for the dishes we made on the Savoury and Dessert pages.

We are super lucky to get to work with the wonderful volunteers from Plant-to-Plate Palmerston North.  

Together we have cleared garden beds, prepared the soil, planted seedlings and tended the beds - weeding and watering as required. 

 It's harvest time now and an opportunity to share the fruits (and veges!) of our labour.  What a lot of super learning has happened.