Nau Mai - Haere Mai - Welcome :)

This is the blog for the Senior Team at Parkland School.
We use this day-to-day in our classrooms so your child/ren will soon know their way around and what many of the things are for.  

Term 2
Distance Learning

There are lots of super recipes from previous years and our work the Plant-to-Plate.  We will work with this magical group again later this year.
2019 - 
We are off to a flying start this year with only 6 school days before we head to Camp Raukawa (click image for some information about the camp we are off to).

Please keep a close check on all notices coming home and return those with information sharing as soon as possible as this helps us lots.
If you have any questions at any time, you can call the office or email (links below) any one of the Senior Team Teachers and we will do our best to help you.
Ngā mihi mahana,

Please explore the pages of our blog - apologies for any dates that haven't yet been changed - we will do this as we get to them.

2018 info - 
If you have anything you would like more information about, either pop into Tumeke 12 or email me on
Here we go - off to a stunning start to 2018.  I look forward to continuing to develop relationships with you all throughout the year.


  1. Hope everyone is having a great start to the year! -Joshua Carroll

  2. Have fun this year!- Jordan Bary